Friday, April 30, 2010

With Mother's Day Approaching...

I thought of something...I agree that "a Mom is a Mom for life"...but what about the others, women who want to be Mom's but can't for whatever reason...A Mom, I feel is anyone who in their heart wants to nurture and care for another, no matter if they have children that they call or claim as their own or not. Remember as a child when we would play with our dolls, and carry them around cuddling, and feeding them, and pretending to change them? At even that small of an age, we were a Mom, how were we to know that when we got older, that we may or may not become a parent with a child to call our own? I love my children, and I appreciate them daily for their smiles and laughs and in the ways that they tell me that they love me, but I often feel for those women who do not have that in their life...let's envelope them into that special day that is called "Mother's Day", and let them know that they are special to us also!

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