Thursday, July 8, 2010

Six Credits.....

Okay, okay, I know....6 credits in college will not be much this Fall, yeah right...I am not single and 21 with no responsibilities anymore either. Six credits is insane! Just ask the family....all four of them, Jim, Sarah, Robyn & Anna. Not to mention ME! I am sticking with Psych classes, so that when I am excepted into a Masters Program next year (fingers crossed) I will not be totally rusty!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Sunshine is Beautiful!

Yesterday the girls and I went for a walk (Mommy needed this), they got their hair trimmed (necessary), we took a detour to the bank, (necessary), got home and spent over an hour in their swings (for fun), and Mommy took pictures...of what you ask? My flowers, all of them! The roses, the gigiantic lavendar bush, the yucca flowers that has bloomed (never seen that before), the lone remaining bleeding heart on the large bush, and even the tomato plants, and the tomatoes that are beginning to come on in place of the large blooms that were there before, etc. I am so pleased! We had a great day together!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A walking we will go!

We walked again this morning, a few people that see us at the HS track are amazed that I can get the little girls up and out the door that early...little do they know, my schedule is mostly based on them and a little luck that Jim does leave about the same time we do in the morning, and so he helps me get them into the vehicle...I am so lucky!