Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year...New Outlook!

Being a stay at home Mom is tough! I love my girls, I really do, but I seem to worry more about what I don't get done then what I accomplish each day! Like today, I got some laundry done, dinner made for everyone, so that I can get to class on time, dishes, and even was able to take a shower before the hubby got home from work. Even though it appears that I was able to accomplish stuff, my house looks like a tornado ran through it, then came back for another pass just for good measure. But, I will tell you that the one thing I did get done, and look forward to each and everyday, it the hugs, and kisses, and snuggling time that I spend with the little ones. I love when Anna runs her finger in my hair and hugs and hugs with all her might! I also love when Robyn says "Mommy...Guess What?" To which I reply, "What?" And she responds, "I LOVE YOU!!!" Those are the best moments! So when the wonderful, patient and understanding hubby arrives home on those days when nothing gets done, and no dinner is waiting, and he has to dodge the landmines of toys...I can say, with 100% pride..."We snuggled today!"

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