Monday, December 6, 2010

A Chicken Soup for the Soul Story...

Years ago, I was given a Chicken Soup book, and in it there was a story about a single mother and her children. The child asked a Santa for a gift, and while the gift didn't arrive that Christmas, it did the following. By way of a new Dad/Husband for the family, and the joy and love that comes along with pure happiness... Eight years ago next week, my own Chicken Soup story began. I had moved to Idaho on a whim...literally, along with the help of my sister and her husband, and had moved to a rather small town. I was certain that I would at that point, never marry. But other plans were in the works, I just didn't know it then. At a church Christmas party, there was a hired Santa, much like the story, and my young daughter asked the Santa for something that I would be told about later, that happened to be the reason for the coming events. You see, my daughter asked the Santa "for someone to come into our lives, so we didn't have to be alone anymore..." It still makes me tear up as I think about it now. You see, the Santa was use to hearing about the latest toy, and the like, but that request touched him enough to share with friends of mine. A few days later, I got a phone call, with that friend saying, "I gave this guy your number and I hope you don't mind, and oh, by the way, his name is Jim..." I was floored, I could believe it. I was also told that he was very shy and might not even call, but if he did I should give him a chance. About two days later, I got my answer. He called, and I actually said yes, when he asked me to go out on a date, a true blind date at that because all I got was his first name, and all he got was my name and phone number. Plus, we really hit it off, and suffice it to say, he talked the whole time during our date, he was not shy with me! Fast forward to today, we were married just shy of eight months after our first date, and we added to more children, both daughters to our ready made family, and couldn't be happier! There is something to be said for a Christmas Party Santa! Happy Holidays to All!

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